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Proyectos anteriores de investigación

Information on the School 
Edificio Ismael Sánchez Bella
31009 Pamplona

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  • Borders and Culture Project (Subproject: Interpreting Immigration)

    • Researcher and Coordinator: María Ángeles Sotés Elizalde, Professor in the School of Education and Psychology

    • Financed by: Institute of Culture and Society (ICS)

    • Start date: January 2010. End date: December 2013.

    • An interdisciplinary project that seeks to analyze the complexity involved in the phenomenon of immigration within our migrant-receiving communities. Education in all its forms is one of the areas where the cultural and social diversity brought about by migration is most evident.

  • Borders and Culture Project (Subproject: Age and Health Borders)

    • Principal Investigator: Caridad Velarde

    • Financed by: Institute of Culture and Society (ICS)

    • Start date: January 2010. End date: December 2013.

    • An interdisciplinary project with the participation of the following teaching staff, as part of the School of Education and Psychology: Felisa Peralta, Sonia Rivas, Araceli Arellano, and the researchers in training (PIF): Izascun Álvarez and Nuria Garro.

  • A study on the psychosocial needs of the siblings of intellectually disabled people. Design of intervention strategies focused on personal and family strengths.

    • Principal Investigator: Olga Lizasoáin Rumeu

    • Duration: September 2007 to June 2011

    • Financed by: PIUNA (University of Navarra Research Plan) during the 2007-2008 academic year, and the Regional Government of Navarre through the call for research projects at Navarre universities and research centers during the second academic year. With evaluation by the Spanish National Evaluation and Foresight Agency (ANEP), the 2008-2009 academic year up to June 2011. This project was also selected by Caja Navarra as part of the disability section of its "Tú eliges, tú decides" (You choose, you decide) program.

    • Most important results: establishment of encounter groups between siblings of intellectually disabled people; publication of a manual with intervention guidelines for the dynamics of these encounter groups.

    • More information (PDF)

  • Education for communication and social work. Knowledge, attitudes and civic skills.

  • The family as a community. Study of the genesis of community guidelines.

    • Principal Investigator: Aurora Bernal (ADJUNTO4)

    • Financed by: PIUNA

    • Duration: 2006. End date: 2009

    • More information (PDF)

  • Training of teaching staff and resources for the implementation of a student-focused teaching model in the context of higher education

    • Principal Investigator: Angel Sobrino

    • Financed by: PIUNA

    • Duration: 2007. End date: January 2008.

    • More information (PDF)

  • The qualification of educational staff working with hearing impaired children

  • The family as an educational setting

    • Principal Investigator: Aurora Bernal

    • Financed by: PIUNA

    • Duration: 2003. End date: 2004

    • More information (PDF)

  • Research proposals for the development of self-determined behavior in students with disabilities

  • Quality of practical teaching: an online model for management, tutoring and evaluation

  • Career guidance of students with neurodevelopmental disorders. Guidelines for psycho-educational action

    • Principal Investigator: Olga Lizasoáin Rumeu.

    • Financed by: PIUNA University of Navarra Research Projects, 2013-2014 Announcement. R&D Committee, Technical Office for Research. With external assessment by the Spanish National Evaluation and Foresight Agency (ANEP)

    • Reference: 2013-20 Area EDUC Ciencias de la Educación.

    • Duration: 3-year project.

  • The family as a modern opportunity. Genesis of primary social action

    • Principal Investigator: Alfredo Rodríguez Sedano

    • Financed by: The Right Person Foundation

    • Start date: January 2012. End date: January 2015.

    • An interdisciplinary project involving teaching staff from the School  of Education and Psychology, the Universidad de Los Andes (Chile), the Universidad de la Sabana (Colombia) and the Universidad Nacional de San Juan (Argentina)

    • More information (ADI Online Classroom)

    • More information (PDF)

  • Resolution of mathematical problems in the initial training of primary- and secondary-school teaching staff: design, application and evaluation of a cognitive intervention program (EDU 201018350) from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Centralized at the Universidad de Badajoz

    • Research professors from the University of Navarra: Maica González-Torres and Concha Iriarte Redín.

  • The care relationship in the family

    • Principal Investigator: Alfredo Rodríguez Sedano

    • Researchers: Nuria Garro Gil

    • Financed by: Caser Foundation

    • Start date: January 31, 2014

    • End date: December 2016

  • Autonomía educativa y flexibilidad escolar. Criterios de calidad educativa

    • Investigador principal: Carolina Ugarte Artal

    • Financiado por: PIUNA Proyectos de Investigación de la Universidad de Navarra, Convocatoria 2012-2013. Comisión de I+D, Secretaría técnica de investigación.

    • Investigadores participantes: Carmen Urpí, Ana Costa, Gonzalo Jover, Fernando Carbajo y Patricia Quiroga.

    • Fecha inicial: septiembre 2012. Fecha final: agosto 2015