International Teacher Training Elective (ITT)

The School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra offers an exciting opportunity for student-teachers to spend 1 up to 2 months at schools in the Pamplona area.

Participants serve as assistant teachers, gaining practical experience of classroom management and education in Spain. ITT Elective can be made both in Spanish or English, is offered at either first or second semester and can be included as one more subject for a semester in our School:


  • International Teacher Training Elective I (6ECTS)

  • International Teacher Training Elective II (6ECTS)


  • International Teacher Training Elective III (6ECTS)

  • International Teacher Training Elective IV (6ECTS)

Incoming students can take more than one Elective.

The following outcomes will represent five fundamental pillars of students' practice:

  1. Involvement in the dynamics and management of the class.

  2. Developing unit plans.

  3. Part-aking in the design and development of situations which promote learning, coexistence and collaboration with the various sectors of the educational and social communities.

  4. Developing the social skills of communication, teamwork and conflict mediation at school.

  5. Reflecting on their school practices with the help of a written portfolio. The portfolio is expected to record all activities in order to enable the students to integrate previous theoretical content into new modules.

ITT Elective coordination is carried out with the help of the teacher coordinator and of supervising teachers at the school and at the University of Navarra, respectively. Students will be evaluated with our student evaluation form. Home institutions will specify supervision and assessment requirements if different. All assessment form(s) should be provided by home institution in advance.

  • Entry Requirements

    In order to be considered for a Teacher Training Elective you must meet the entry requirements. We would recommend that you ensure you are able to meet all of these requirements before applying.

    The School of Education and Psychology regrets that any applicants who do not meet the entry requirements will not be considered for a place. Opportunities for overseas elective students are therefore limited.

    How to Apply: 

    • To apply for admission at the ITT Elective:

    a. You must be selected and nominated to us by your home university (for partner Universities)

    b. Complete our online application form. Supporting documentation must be uploaded before submitting your application.  

    • Scanned color passport-type photo

    • Scanned Passport

    • Transcripts of Records

    We will contact you once the application has been reviewed. Please make sure contact details are clear. Any international enquiries address to:

International relations

School of Education and Psychology
University of Navarra

Edificio Biblioteca Ismael Sánchez Bella 
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00
Fax: +34 948 42 56 19