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Jornadas de Experiencia del Prácticum


The Experience Sessions aim to provide Practicum students from all degree courses within the School of Education and Psychology with the chance to:

  • Talk to each other about their work placements, including their teachers and classmates from other years, particularly involving students who have not yet completed their Practicum or who are looking for a centre for a voluntary work placement.

  • Giving a presentation on a poster or an e-portfolio, the students will explain their research-action or learning-service projects during their Practicum. In their presentations, they will demonstrate how they have practically applied the theory they learnt in different Degree subjects and they will explain how this experience helped them develop important skills.

  • In addition, teachers will be able to find out more directly about any needs or aspects for improvement that students have detected in the work placement centers and they will help identify any possible lines of research and projects working with the host schools, firms, hospitals, foundations, companies and different institutions for students' Practicum.


Maika Roncero
+34 948 425 600

General contact:
Campus universitario s/n
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 425 600 x 802204


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