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Final Year Project

Trabajo Fin de Grado
  • What is the FYP?

    The Final Year Project (FYP) is an original extended essay focused on a relevant aspect of the profession, related to the areas studied by the student during their degree program, the Practicum or any other topic that is educationally important.  It aims for students to show that they are capable of tackling a research project, which could be theoretical, historical, experimental or applied.

  • What are the enrolment requirements?

    •   The FYP “finishes off” the degree’s training stage. Therefore, it is essential to be enrolled in all the Degree program subjects, including the Practicum.

    •   In addition, it will require an application signed by your AAP advisor for students with:

    • outstanding subjects carried over from previous years

    • subjects that have been retaken many times (from 4th retake onwards)

  • Process for choosing FYP topics


    • The student can choose their FYP topic but not their tutor.

    Exceptionally, a teacher might offer to tutor a student in particular, as long as a good reason is given for this (for example, in the case of student interns). In these cases, a topic will be assigned to the student directly, bypassing the choosing process.

    • When appropriate, the choice of the FYP topic can be conditioned by the specializations 

    (Diversity studies, Physical Education and English in Teaching Degrees and the Itineraries of Occupational Psychology and Educational Psychology in the Psychology Degree). The student must inform the tutor if they have chosen a specialization to adapt its focus to FYP topics.




    • The first week of July, the topics suggested by the teachers will go up on the ADI platform and students have until August 31 to select one.

    • Once a topic has been chosen, it is no longer available for the other students: consequently, students are urged to choose wisely, as there will be no chance to change their choice.

    • In the case of dual degrees, two subjects should be selected.

    • In the case of selecting more topics that appropriate, the process will be cancelled.

    • If a student is not interested in any of the topics on offer, they should tick “free topic”. In these cases, the FYP content must be agreed on with the assigned tutor, who will make the definitive decision.

    • If a student has not picked a topic by the given date (August 31), they will be adjudicated one of the available topics proposed by the teachers.

    • Students who exceptionally could not enroll in June, will be able to pick their FYP once their enrolment has been formalized. In this case, they should be aware that fewer topics will be available to choose from.

    • Consequently, these two general situations can occur regarding the choice of topic:

    • The student accepts the proposal of the topic or the project presented by a tutor.

    • The student suggests a topic of their interest to their tutor who accepts it.

    • At the end of the topic-choosing period, tutors will be assigned. This stage will last until the last week in September and/or the first week in October.

  • Timeline and work plan

    Over the academic year, each student will meet with the FYP teacher-tutor at least three times, and whenever the tutor requests a meeting, in order to receive guidance and discuss how the work is developing.

    (*) The dates can be confirmed through ADI.



     September and 1st week in October.

    Tutors are assigned to the students: Tutor assignation might be exceptionally delayed to October (e.g. students that enroll outside the regular period).

    1st compulsory tutorial to agree on the topic and work schedule.


    Compulsory workshops/seminars (quotations, writing, bibliography, research methodology, etc.).


    2nd compulsory tutorial: (Draft of the table of contents, guidance for bibliography reading and delivery schedule)


    3rd compulsory tutorial: following the work and definitive schedule to hand in the FYP.

    April and first half of May

    Last corrections and producing the final document.

    Penultimate week in May

    Delivery of the FYP in the 1st call (2 printed copies to the tutor and upload it to ADI).

    Last week in May

    FYP defense week (ordinary call)

    Penultimate week in June

    Delivery of the FYP in the 2nd call (2 printed copies to the tutor and upload it to ADI).

    Last week in June

    2nd FYP defense period (extraordinary call)


    If the exceptional call is moved forwards to December, students must check the delivery and defense dates.

    In addition, workshops and seminars will be organized, from September onwards. Students will be notified in good time.

    It is compulsory to attend tutorials and the workshops/seminars.

Características del TFG

Curso: 4º en el caso de los grados simples, 5º en el caso de los grados dobles.

ECTS: 6 (150 horas de dedicación)

Tipo de asignatura: Obligatoria


En el caso de cursar un doble grado, el alumno elaborará dos TFG, uno por cada grado.

Por otro lado, se contempla el hecho de que un profesor proponga tutorizar a un alumno en particular, siempre y cuando haya un motivo que lo justifique; como por ejemplo, en el caso de que el estudiante en cuestión sea un alumno interno. En este tipo de casos, los temas serán asignados al alumno directamente, sin que tenga que pasar por el proceso de elección que se indica.


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