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Study of the efficacy of a teaching-learning system for Language in Primary that incorporates teaching thinking and cooperative work:

cognitive and non-cognitive variables

Collaborating students


Assisting Students are students who preferably have a few years of advanced courses under their belt who join a Department to perform university-level collaboration work, compatible with their study hours, contributing to their scientific and professional training.

Students wishing to work on this project should get in touch with any of the teachers in the research team to express their interest. Applications should be presented in the School in the first week in September. 

These are the students who have worked with us:

  • 2016-17 academic year

    • Fátima Sala (4th year Pedagogy student). MECD collaboration grant. 2015-16 call

    • Sheila Martínez (3rd year Infant Teacher Training + Pedagogy degree student)

    • Amaia Medina (3rd year Primary Teacher Training + Pedagogy degree student)

    • Leyre Laborda (3rd year Primary Teacher Training + Pedagogy degree student)

    • Iciar Antoñanzas Soteras (3rd year Psychology degree student)

  • 2015-16 academic year

    • Leyre Redín (student on the Master's course in Educational and Psychological Intervention). MECD collaboration grant. 2015-16 call 

    • Raquel Uriel (4th year Primary Teacher Training + Pedagogy degree student)


Sonia Lara
Investigadora Principal.

General contact:
Campus universitario s/n
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 425 600

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