Character, Education and Citizenship Research Group (GIECC)

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Concepción Naval
Principal Investigator

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Concepción NavalConcepción Naval ( Concepción Naval (, Director of Civic Parliament, is a Professor of Education, University of Navarra. She directed the Department of Education (1996-2000), and held the position of Vice President of the University of Navarra (2001-2012).  She was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, University of Notre Dame (USA), the International Office of Education (UNESCO, Geneva), St. Edmund's College (Cambridge University), and Boston University. Visiting Professor at Universidad Panamericana (Mexico City and Guadalajara). Fellow of the Salzburg Seminar (Austria). During 2012-13 Visiting Fellow and Oliver Smithies Lecturer at Balliol College, University of Oxford. She is the editor of the journal Estudios sobre Educación (SSCI, JCR).  Her current research focuses on the bases of education for citizenship and social participation, the development of social skills in children, the social impact on young people of information and communication technologies; educational innovation in higher education; and art education. She set up (2010) and has since then directed the "Civic Parliament Project", financed by the Parliament of Navarra, and the consolidated research group "Citizenship and education", in Spain (since 1997).
Elena ArbuésElena Arbués ( is a qualified primary school teacher and holds a PhD in Pedagogy and a Master´s degree in Marriage and Family. She has developed her professional activities in various schools as primary school teacher, and as a family and educational counsellor. She is currently Adjunct Professor of Didactics of Experimental Sciences at the University of Navarra. She is involved in various projects and her research focuses primarily on civic education and the promotion of social participation.

Aurora Bernal

Aurora Bernal ( PhD in Education Sciences, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Education and Psychology, University of Navarra. She works as a Professor of Theory and History of Education. She has been a Visiting Professor at the Universidad Católica de Occidente (El Salvador) and Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia); Visiting Scholar Research in the Philosophy of Education Research Center at Harvard University and researcher and director of the Cooperative Education Programme at the Instituto Tecnológico Condoray (Peru). She has sat on the Editorial Board of the ‘Estudios sobre Educación’ journal since June 2014, director of the Editorial Board for the Education Sciences Collection by the EUNSA publishing company.

Dolores ConesaDolores Conesa (  has a PhD in Philosophy, with the Doctor Europaeus certificate, from the University of Navarra. She is currently working for the same University as an Associate Professor within the School of Education and Psychology where she gives undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD classes. Her area of research focusses on contemporary philosophy, paying close attention to French Postmodernism and its tradition of dissent.  Within this framework, she has worked on identity-difference dialectics applied to multiculturalism and immigration issues, as well as a variety of studies on the ethical turnaround in modern thinking.
Ana CostaAna Costa ( gained a PhD in Education at the University of Navarra, a degree in Education Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a primary Teaching Certificate from the Blanquerna School. She is currently the Senior Assistant Doctorate Professor for Education degrees at the University of Navarra. Her main line of research is aesthetic, artistic and musical education, the subject of her doctoral thesis. She is also a member of the MEC project (2014-2017): Service Learning and University Innovation.
Juan Luis Fuentes

Juan Luis Fuentes ( ). Doctor with a European specialization in Pedagogy and Award for Excellence at PhD level from the Complutense University, Award for Excellence at Degree level and National Award. Professor in the Department of Educational studies at the Complutense University of Madrid. He has taken research visits to Roehampton University (United Kingdom), Freie Universität (Germany) and the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom), among others. He received the “Antonio Millán-Puelles Award” for Educational Research and the “Young Researcher Award” at the National Pedagogy Congress. His lines of research revolve around the theory and philosophy of education, character education and use of ICTs in the educational field.  

Sara Ibarrola-García

Sara Ibarrola-García ( has a PhD in Psychopedagogy. She is currently the Senior Assistant Professor at the University of Navarra for Education Undergraduate Degrees. Her research has mainly focused on education for school cohabitation and mediation, an area on which she has based several publications. She has been the Visiting Academic at the Institute of Education (IOE) within the University of London.


Sonia RivasSonia Rivas ( Accredited Associate Professor. Vice Dean for Students at the School of Education and Psychology, University of Navarra. Her research has focussed, among other topics, on programme quality in pre-schools, the role of the family in education and family participation in the school. She has participated in R+D+i projects. She is currently working on a project entitled “How teachers learn in the digital era: impact of learning ecologies on teaching quality.”

Ángel SobrinoÁngel Sobrino ( PhD in Education Sciences, professor and Vice Dean for Research at the University of Navarra School of Education and Psychology. He works as an Educational Technology teacher. He is also an adviser at the Agenzia Nazionale per la Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e Della Ricerca Italiano (ANVUR). He has taken part in different research projects funded by the Government of Navarra, the European Union Socrates Programme and the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Carolina UgarteCarolina Ugarte ( Doctor of Psychopedagogy and associate professor at the School of Education and Psychology, University of Navarra. She has participated in research on the civic and social character of university students, teacher training and participative culture of the school, as well as training on professional skills. She is the director of the teaching innovation project at the University of Navarra entitled “Professional skills training for students on Education Degrees.” 

Apolinar Varela

Apolinar Varela ( He graduated in Sports Sciences, with a Master’s degree in Educational Innovation, Orientation and Assessment and a PhD in Education from the University of A Coruña with an ethnographic thesis on popular games in a rural community in Galicia. Between 2013 and 2014, he worked on the University of A Coruña research project “Researching in Education for Development: a case study on implementing the “O Tesouro de Acahualinca project", financed by the Xunta de Galicia. In addition, he works with the Asociación Galega do Xogo Popular e Tradicional.


Juan Pablo DabdoudJuan Pablo Dabdoud ( Personal investigador en formación de la Facultad de Educación y Psicología de la Universidad de Navarra. Ingeniero industrial por la Escuela de Ingenieros TECNUN, está especializado en ética empresarial por IESE Business School y ha realizado el Máster en Gobierno y Cultura de las Organizaciones de la Universidad de Navarra.
Ha sido investigador del Centro de Investigaciones Técnicas de Gipuzkoa (CEIT) y es director del Programa de Educación del Carácter en el Colegio Mayor Belagua. 

Fátima Ruiz Fátima Ruiz ( Trainee researcher at the School of Education and Psychology, University of Navarra, working on a PhD in Personality Psychology. She graduated in Pedagogy from the University of Navarra with the Award for Excellence for her dissertation and took a master’s degree in Research in Social Sciences at the same University.

Natalia VereaNatalia Verea ( Degree in Spanish Philology, Master's Degree in Education and New Technologies, Master's Degree in Neurolinguistic Programming and International University Expert in Resilience and Executive Coaching. She has taught in secondary schools, teacher training colleges and at the Institute for Resilience and Emotional Development (IRYDE). She is currently working as Teaching Support Staff at the School of Education and Psychology at the University of Navarra and she is taking a PhD in Education. Research Member of the MEC Project (2014-2017): Service Learning and University Innovation. A program to improve students' academic performance and social capital

Investigadores que han participado en proyectos

Ana Zúñiga

Ana Zúñiga (  Assistant Professor. She has a degree in Spanish Philology and Journalism and a PhD in Philology. She has worked as an editor at the Diario de Navarra newspaper and has given courses preparing high school students for university entrance exams on Text Analysis, Spanish Language and Literature and Universal Literature. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Navarra. Her research mainly focuses on oral and written communication. 

Charo SádabaCharo Sádaba ( is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Communication at the University of Navarra where her teaching focuses on Advertising and Public Relations courses. For the past twelve years her research has focused on the relationship between minors and ICTs. As the director of research at the Interactive Generation Forum, she has participated in several studies in which 200,000 minors between the ages of 6 and 18 have participated in 10 Latin American countries.
Charo RepárazCharo Repáraz ( Doctora en Filosofía y Letras, sección Ciencias de la Educación. Actualmente es directora del Máster en Intervención Educativa y Psicológica en la Facultad de Educación y Psicología de la Universidad de Navarra. Ha publicado más de una treintena de artículos en las revistas de prestigio de Ciencias Sociales del área de Educación, tanto nacionales como internacionales. Y más de una decena de libros y capítulos de libros en editoriales de prestigio. Ha participado en 15 proyectos de investigación nacionales e internacionales con el Consejo Escolar de Navarra y el Consejo Escolar del Estado.