Professional coaching

Career Services offers students the possibility of developing their professional profile in the most versatile way, through personalized guidance activities, and training and information. The objectives of the Service are:

  • What does the Careers Office offer students?

    It provides students with a set of tools and techniques to boost their prospects in the job market.

  • Does it help students find work?

    It helps students in their job search by giving them access to internship and job opportunities through the job listings board.

  • Does it help students plan their professional futures?

    Our students receive mentoring when developing their professional degree program to help them make the best choices regarding their professional future, with a personalized work plan.

  • Does it take into account the demands of the job market?

    Students develop the necessary skills to successfully meet the challenges of the job market.

  • Does it put students in contact with the business world?

    The program facilitates contacts with top-level companies by acting as a bridge between students and organizations.

  • What does the Careers Office offer businesses?

    The mission statement of the Careers Office is to facilitate contact between organizations and the student community. Attracted by the quality and diversity of our students and graduates, as well as the flexibility of our services, a significant number of companies come to the School of Education and Psychology each year in search of professionals.


Nuria Ascunce
Career Services Manager

General contact:
University of Navarra Campus
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00 x 802025
Fax:+34 948 425619