Aprendizaje Integrado de Contenidos en Lengua Extranjera

La matrícula se realiza del 17 de agosto hasta el 30 de octubre en Idiomas.

Create, Motivate, Educate II: Innovative Approaches in English Teaching and CLIL

Today, more than ever, teachers in primary and secondary school need to be creative and find ways of motivating and inspiring their students. In addition to this, with the advent of CLIL and the move towards an integrated curriculum for languages and other content knowledge, it is vital for teachers to understand how the competences they teach form part of the bigger picture, and how the English or CLIL course contributes to the students' all-round education. The two days of this course are designed to address different aspects of these issues, allowing for discussion of the theoretical background and providing new recipes to help teachers put these ideas into practice. Although many of the topics have transversal relevance, the focus on the first day is mainly on primary school, while the second day is devoted to secondary school.