Honors Program, in pursuit of excellence

The Honors Program at the University of Navarra School of Law offers high-achieving students the opportunity to live a unique educational experience that complements their law degree studies with a set of academic and extra-curricular activities designed to achieve a first-rate university curriculum vitae.

Students enrolled in the program will be able to complete their training through an exclusive selection of interdisciplinary, cultural and professional orientation activities. The program includes participation in activities with an international profile, as well as the enhancement of oral and written communication skills, argumentation skills, and other professional tools.


What do I have to do to participate in the program?

To participate in the Honors Program it's essential that:

  • Have obtained an average equal to or greater than 8 in three of the four courses of the Degree and in the remaining course an average of at least 7.5.

  • Have successfully carried out the activities provided for in the program. 

  • From the first semester of 4th year, the participants have to be in possession of a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or have obtained +90 Ibt in TOEFL.

Students who have obtained an average of 8.5 in the last year of high school will be invited to participate in the program. 

In addition, to participate in the obligatory Shadowing program in 1st year, students in the first semester of 1st year are required to achieve an average of at least 7.5 and not have failed any subject.

Students who, in compliance with the access requirements, have obtained an average of 8 or more and have successfully completed the planned activities may continue in the program.

Students who did not meet the initial requirements of the final year grade in high school will be eligible for admission to the Honors Program, if they obtain an average of 8 or more in the first year of the Degree. They must carry out mandatory activities first.

Students of the Honors Program who achieve an average grade less than 8 but higher than 7.5 will become conditional students of the Honors Program.

They can participate in the activities when there are available places.  If at the end of the year they reach the average of 8 they will regain the status of full students. Their continuity in the program in successive years is conditioned on obtaining an average of 8 or more in all courses.