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Throughout its existence, the School of Law has supported a series of academic journals. Below is information about these journals, as well as Colección Jurídica EUNSA, Global Law Collection and the work Juristas Universales, sponsored by the School's faculty members. The School supports the following academic journals:

  • Persona y Derecho

    Persona y Derecho is a biannual academic publication (June and December). Its fundamental purpose is to present work on issues of legal, political and social thought, with particular attention to human rights.

    This publication is useful for jurists who are interested in legal issues, and is aimed in particular at researchers in the Philosophy of Law, Human Rights, Political Philosophy and related disciplines.

  • Colección Jurídica EUNSA

    Ediciones Universidad de Navarra (EUNSA) offers a Colección Jurídica that has enjoyed the collaboration of many faculty members from the School who have published their studies in it over the years.

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