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¿Por qué estudiar Derecho?

  • Es una ciencia básica

    Porque el Derecho es una ciencia básica, tan antigua como el hombre, que ha jugado un papel esencial contribuyendo a la creación y desarrollo de la sociedad actual.

  • It pursues logic in fundamental human issues and challenges.

    Because it is a discipline that not only seeks to explain the how and why of things, but also attempts to discover the logic behind the principal issues and challenges faced by human beings. For this reason, it helps develop abilities and aptitudes that are very useful in life, such as a capacity for analysis and finding solutions to complex problems by applying the law and principles such as justice and fairness. It also improves one's capacity for expression and oral and written argumentation, as well as rhetoric and oratory skills.

  • It open the doors to a whole host of professions

    Because it opens the door to a wide range of professions associated with Law, such as lawyer, prosecuting attorney, judge, notary public, registrar, diplomat and more.

  • It offers a magnificent base education

    Because for those who want to work in management positions in other companies and organizations, the study programs in Law offer a magnificent educational foundation. Together with a graduate degree, they prepare candidates for a career in business administration, human resources, marketing, sales, insurance, banking, investment securities and more.

  • Partnership agreements with universities in Europe, Asia and the Americas

    Because the University of Navarra School of Law has partnership agreements with universities in Europe, Asia and the Americas that allow students to travel abroad to get to know other legal systems and complete their professional and personal education. Furthermore, the School offers the possibility of completing internships abroad, summer courses and periods of research at any of the international schools with which it has partnership agreements.

  • Career guidance concerning your professional future

    Because this academic center has a Careers Office for students that provides career guidance. Furthermore, it coordinates the Job Listings and organizes internships with companies, training workshops and recruitment processes. Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira, Uría Menéndez, Pérez-Llorca and Garrigues are some of the companies that the School maintains agreements with.

  • Prestigious graduate degree programs

    Because the School has prestigious graduate study programs such as the Master's Degree in Business Law and the Master's Degree in Tax Consultancy, that complement the undergraduate degree program and give students the specialization needed to practice their careers with the highest level of professionalism.

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