International dimension


A study abroad semester is a unique opportunity to learn and understand the politics, economics, legal and social realities of the region and their interconnections. You not only learn in the classrooms, but you also absorb knowledge in the relationship with the local students, professors and above all, with the day-to-day life in a foreign country. The exchange programme is a very comprehensive learning tool.  An International Relations professional and a legal practitioner should be prepared to perform in very changing environments, to relate with people from very different cultures and sensibilities.

The School of Law at the University of Navarra through its Service of International Relations offers its students the possibility to do part of their studies in a foreign university and hosts the international students coming from partner universities.

The International Relations Office of the School of Law:


Keeps the students informed about the exchange program, the requirements and the different opportunities to study abroad as part of the exchange programme.


Manages the students applications and reviews the academic plan of the student abroad.


Allows the recognition of the credits studied during the exchange period after the students return.


Welcomes and supports the incoming students as part of its exchange programme.


Promotes and fosters the different international opportunities offered by the School.


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