Honors Program

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The  Honors Program of the University of Navarra School of Law offers students with high academic achievement the opportunity to explore a unique educational experience that supplements their undergraduate studies in Law with a set of curricular and extracurricular activities designed to provide a first-class university experience.

Students enrolled in the Honors Program learn legal practice firsthand in Spanish and international law firms, they experience the global dimension of Law through exchange programs with universities in the Americas and participation in International Moot Courts, and they participate in the intellectual life of the School by working as student interns.

  • To join the Honors Program, candidates need to have a GPA of 8.5 or 10 in their fourth year of high school. Students who have achieved a GPA of 8.5 out of 10 in their third year of high school will be invited by the School to participate in the Honors Program. This invitation will be confirmed when students submit their grades from the fourth year of high school.

  • To remain in the Honors Program for their entire degree program, students must maintain a GPA of 8 out of 10.

  • Students in the First Year of the Degree in Law who do not meet the GPA requirements for high school may join the Honors Program later, when they achieve a university GPA of at least 8 out of 10.

  • Before starting the Third Year of the Undergraduate Program in Law, participants must demonstrate that they have the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or have achieved a score higher than 90 iBT on the TOEFL Exam.

Podrán continuar de pleno derecho en el programa los alumnos que, cumpliendo con los requisitos de acceso, hayan obtenido en el curso una media igual o superior a 8 y hayan realizado satisfactoriamente las actividades previstas.

Podrán incorporarse al Honors Program los alumnos que aunque no cumplían los requisitos iniciales de la nota de segundo Bachiller, en el primer curso de Grado obtengan una media igual o superior a 8. Éstos deberán cursar las actividades obligatorias de primero.

Los alumnos del Honors Program que en el curso tengan una media inferior a 8 pero superior a 7,5 pasarán a estar en el Honors Program como alumnos condicionados. Podrán participar en las actividades siempre que haya plazas disponibles. Si al concluir el curso alcanzan la media de 8 recuperarán la condición de alumnos de pleno derecho. Su continuidad en cursos sucesivos queda condicionada a obtener una media igual o superior a 8 en todos los cursos.