University of Navarra, number 1 in Spain and 37 of the world in the employability ranking QS 2017


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23/11/16 11:26

According to the International Ranking QS 2017, the University of Navarra it is ranked as number 1 in Spain and 37 of the world in employability. It is the second consecutive time that the University holds the same position at a national level in this studio, where there are nine other Spanish universities among the best 205 academic centers. The University of Navarra has escalated from the global position 51-60 in 2016 to number 37 at an international level in 2017.

For the elaboration of the ranking, QS takes into account five indicators. The university stands out in Employer Reputation, which consists in the opinion that the employers have of the graduates and their attitudes.  It is also located in the first Spanish position in the next indicator of Employer-Student Connections, criteria that considers the number of employers present in the university´s campus that offer information, internships or jobs opportunities to students.

Other indicators used in the methodology are: Alumni Outcomes, the success graduates have during their professional career, important jobs they reach, and their capacity to serve society. As the persons responsible of making the studio explains they establish, “which universities form persons capable of changing the world”; Partnerships with Employers, the collaboration between the academic institutions and different companies; and Graduate Employment Rate, which refers to the labor insertion rate.

On one side, Ana Delgado, director of International Relations service of the University of Navarra, considers that “it is great news that the position of the University consolidates as a source of job´s opportunities for our young students, which is one of our important priorities”.

Roberto Cabezas, director of Career Services of the University of Navarra, also manifests his satisfaction: “The ranking´s results encourage us to keep on working in order to improve our student´s formation, both technique as well as their managerial capacities and reinforce our commitment with the transfer of talent to society”.

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