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Careers Office

The mission statement of the School of Law Careers Office is to facilitate contact between recruiters and the student community. In order to maximize this contact, the office guides, shapes and creates professional opportunities for students.

  1. Career Guidance. Through career guidance, the professionals who are part of the Careers Office can meet and guide students regarding the best fit for their professional profile.

  2. Training. Throughout the academic year, the Careers Office offers a range of activities for students at the School (workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.) with the goal of improving their professional profile and shaping them into potential candidates for recruiting companies, as well as to educate them about employment opportunities in the legal field.

  3. Creating professional opportunities. Through on-campus recruitment processes at the School, résumés from each graduating class are distributed among the most important law firms. In addition, workshops and working breakfasts are organized, and students are given access to a personal jobs page.

See the guide

Recruitment processes.



Guía de carreras profesionales  

En la Guía de Carreras Profesionales de la Facultad de Derecho encontrarás información sobre más de 40 despachos y firmas de servicios profesionales (datos de contacto, proceso de selección, oficinas, número de abogados, socios, remuneración áreas de práctica, etc.). Además, cuenta con el testimonio de antiguos alumnos que, tras su paso por la Facultad, se incorporaron al mundo profesional.

School Contact

Inés de Juan
Coordinator, Careers Office

General contact:
Amigos Building
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 802205

Contacto Facultad

María Fuente
Responsable de Carreras Profesionales Grado en Relaciones Internacionales

General contact:
Edificio Amigos
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 802494

Contacto Facultad

Guillermo Hernanz
Responsable de Carreras Profesionales. Programas Máster

General contact:
C/ Zurbano, 73
28010 Madrid

+34 914 51 43 41 Ext. 850015

Placement Report


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