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Online Specialization Programs in Matrimonial Canon Law


The Faculty of Canon Law offers three online Specialization Programs in the field of Matrimonial Canon Law. These programs are degrees proper to the University of Navarra aimed at people of any nationality, especially at those working for ecclesiastical tribunals or bearing the task of counselling married couples and families. They seek to concisely transmit clear and in-depth knowledge of attention and accompaniment in marital crises and—when they prove to be insufficient—of the juridical process, with a view to render it an efficacious means in defending the faithful’s right to just resolutions, as Pope Francis unyieldingly insists.

We offer three different Specialization Programs: Specialization Program in Matrimonial and Procedural Canon Law; Specialization Program in Mediation and Conflict Prevention; and Specialization Program in Canonical Jurisprudence and Procedural Praxis (presupposing basic knowledge in matrimonial canon law). Although the three programs have some courses in common, each one of them is totally independent.

Foundational courses, alongside others of a more practical and technical nature, are included. These programs aim to prevent complicated circumstances in matrimonial sphere, provide assistance in resolving them, and find correct juridical description of diverse matrimonial situations. At the same time, they seek to develop practical skills in the application of justice (and the corresponding pastoral accompaniment) in concrete cases and without delay.

These programs are held annually from January to June. In order to lighten the workload, three courses are to be taken per year, in such a way that each individual program—comprised of six courses—could be completed in two years’ time. However, if one wishes to finish the whole program only in one year, one could request—from February 15 to March 15—for an extended registration in the three courses that, in principle, belong to the second year.


These programs chiefly purpose to

  • update the participants’ professional preparations for their task of making pastoral care of family compatible with law that applies justice;
  • deepen their knowledge in anthropological and juridical dimensions of marriage;
  • comprehend and adequately implement Pope Francis’ new norms concerning matrimonial processes, both in the norms’ substantive aspect and in the sphere of procedural praxis.

All these programs come with the added ease of their being conducted online: no attendance is required and each student is allowed to flexibly determine his or her work rhythm.


Director: Prof. Juan Ignacio Bañares
Adjunct Director: Prof. Jordi Bosch
Coordinator: Prof. Elisa Rodrigues de Araújo
Secretary: Mr. Eduardo Flandes

Contact us

Arantxa Azcona
Program Secretary

General contact:
Faculty of Canon Law
31009 Pamplona

Ph.: +34 948 425 600 Ext. 802611
Fax: +34 948 425 622



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