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This nonprofit academic journal covers journalism, audiovisual communication and advertising. It was launched in 1988 and was the first Spanish publication in this field. The quarterly journal's main purpose is to serve as a forum for reflection among academics and experts in the field of social communication throughout the world, and its pages provide them space to contribute articles, research notes and book reviews.


This publication is targeted at alumni from the degree programs in Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations. Every two months this publication reaches more than 5,500 professionals working in various fields within the communication industry. Perspectivas is an effective tool for professionals and offers them current academic research that can be fruitfully applied in their work. It constitutes a high-quality opportunity for continuing education and is equally valuable for creative professionals, analysts, media planners, directors, producers, journalists, filmmakers and professionals in any other field related to communication in its broadest sense.

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Academic productivity: in the last decade, the number of publications has increased by 214%.

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