Nuestros medios

  • Nuestro Tiempo

    Nuestro Tiempo is a monthly magazine on current affairs founded in 1954. Since that time, more than 600 issues have been published without interruption. The magazine has served as a launching pad for future journalists, and its "Breakfast with Nuestro Tiempo" is one of its initiatives to broaden the training of contributing students through meetings with professionals from the media and academia. These forums address issues touching on cultural events and current affairs.

  • Perspectivas

    Perspectivas  is a publication aimed at the School's alumni. Each issue includes three articles written by School faculty members, along with a series of tables and charts illustrating current data on different topics.

  • Communication & Society

    Communication & Society / Comunicación y Sociedad is a quarterly academic journal founded in 1988 that appears in January, April, June and October. Its main purpose is to serve as a forum for reflection and exchange of knowledge among social communication academics and experts throughout the world, and its pages provide them with space to contribute articles and book reviews in both English and Spanish following a thorough external peer review process.

  • Radio Universidad de Navarra

    Radio Universidad de Navarra has offered cultural and educational programming since 1999 and is focused on the interests of its regional and local audiences. It also constitutes a privileged environment where students can reinforce the learning of practical skills that are specific to working at media companies.

Contact with professionals and conducting internships have always been key parts of the School of Communication's commitment to education. In order to learn in the field of communication, one must not only study, but also practice learning.

To accomplish this goal, the School of Communication boasts:

  • The involvement  of more than one hundred prestigious alumni and professionals who contribute to theory and practical instruction.

  • Facilities that include a television studio, eight digital editing rooms, five radio studios, computerized editing rooms, a media library, an audio library, computer rooms, a multimedia laboratory and wireless connectivity for laptops.

In addition, many students combine classroom work with guided internships at one of the School's media outlets.

About the School

School of Communication
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The School in figures

of students interested in professional internships are able to do one during their degree program
+ 50 _
classes have graduated from the School of Communication.
180 _
partnership agreements between the School and media companies
7 _
thousand alumni have passed participated in the School's programs
40 _
universities in 18 countries that have partnership agreements with us