Internal Quality Control Standards

The School of Sciences believes that it is of utmost importance to ensure the quality of its degree programs and the services it offers. For that reason, it has instituted Internal Quality Control Standards (SGIC) as part of the first implementation of the AUDIT program overseen by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA). This program systematically covers the activities that the School carries out in order to strengthen the quality and ensure continuous improvement of all the official degree programs (undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees) and services it offers.

The School of Sciences has a Quality Assurance Committee, which was approved on Thursday, November 22, 2007. This committee coordinates the planning and follow-up tasks of the Internal Quality Control Standards (SGIC). The Quality Assurance Committee also acts as a vehicle for communication of the School's quality policies and objectives by ensuring dissemination to the university community and compliance with these policies.

Through the incorporation of strategies for review and continuous improvement, the School seeks to develop and monitor its actions, and to review and redefine them based on the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

About the School

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31008 Pamplona

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  • Quality Assurance Committee

    o    Itziar Vélaz Rivas
    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (email:

    o    Pepa Sánchez de Miguel
    Director of the Quality and Innovation Service (email:

    o    Jean Bragard
    Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics (email:

    o    Nieves Goicoechea Preboste
    Department of Environment Biology (email:

    o    María Canales Gortazar
    Coordinator, Office of Student Affairs (email:

    o    Miriam Latorre Izquierdo
    Manager (email:

    o    Celia Nieto Pérez
    Undergraduate Student (email:

    o    Imanol Miqueleiz Legaz 
    Graduate Student (email:

    o    Irantzu Ibáñez Martínez
    Administrative Office (email:

  • Degree Program Committees (Undergraduate, Doctoral, Master's)

    Degree in Biology Committee- Elena Bodegas Frías. 
        Dpto. Patología, Anatomía y Fisiología (
    - Montserrat Arrasate Iragui. 
       Dpto. Patología, Anatomía y Fisiología (
    - Enrique Baquero Martín. 
        Dpto. Biología Ambiental (

    Degree in Biochemistry Committee:
    - Matías Ávila Zaragozá
        Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) (e-mail:

    - Juan José Martínez Irujo
        Department of Biochemistry and Genetics (e-mail:

    - Maria Ángela Burrell Bustos
         Department of Histology (email:

    Degree in Chemistry Committee:
    - José Maria Fernández Álvarez
         Department of Chemistry (email:

    - Rafael Sirera Bejarano
         Department of Chemistry (email:

    - Daniel Plano Amatriain
         Department of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (email:

    Degree in Environmental Sciences Committee:

      - D. Jesús Miguel Santamaría Ulecia

      Department of Chemistry (e-mail:

      - D.ª Carmen Antolín Bellver

      Department of Environment Biology (e-mail:

      - D. David Elustondo Valencia

      Department of Chemistry (e-mail:


      Master's Degree in Biomedical Research Committee:

      - Dr. Guillermo Zalba Goñi

      Department of Biochemistry and Genetics (e-mail:

      - Dra. Marisol Aymerich Soler

      Department of Biochemistry and Genetics (e-mail:

      - D. Pablo Sarobe Ugarriza

      U.D.Medicina Interna (e-mail:


    Doctoral Programs:

    - Cell and Molecular Biology - Director: Maria Dolores Odero

         Department of Biochemistry and Genetics (email:

    - Biology and Environment - Director: Carmen Antolín Bellver

         Department of Environment Biology (email:

    - Chemistry - Director: Iñigo Navarro

         Department of Chemistry (email:

    - Complex Systems - Director: Wenceslao González Viñas

          Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics (email:

    - Natural and Applied Sciences (PhD-NAS) - Director: Wenceslao González Viñas

        Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics (e-mail:

    - Applied Medicine and Biomedicine - Director: José Antonio Páramo

     Department of Hematology (e-mail:

  • Other School Committees

    International Committee:

    -       Mª Ujué Moreno Zulategui
    Área de Enfermedades Cardiovasculares (CIMA) (e-mail:

    -       David Galicia Paredes
    Department of Environment Biology (e-mail:

    -       José Ignacio Álvarez Galindo
    Department of Chemistry (e-mail:

    -       Raúl Cruz Hidalgo.
    Department of Physics and Applied (e-mail:

    Internal Communication Committee

    -       Javier Erro Garcés
    Departement of Environment Biology (e-mail:

    -       Carlos Huesa Berral
    Department of Physics and Applied  (e-mail:

    -       Fermín Milagro Yoldi

    Department of Food Science and Physiology (email:

    -       Estíbaliz Alegre Martínez
    Department of Biochemistry and Genetics (e-mail: