Biology Olympics

Biology Day

Taking advantage of the Navarre phase of the Biology Olympics, the School of Sciences organizes Biology Day on February 11

Throughout the day, in parallel with the examination, the general public will be offered a series of activities whose purpose is to promote Biology in all its aspects. Science dissemination lectures on significant topics for present-day society, guided visits to the Museum of Natural Sciences of the University of Navarra and to the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA).

Students pursuing the Degree in Biology and the Doctoral Degree in Biology and Environment at the University of Navarra will be in charge of accompanying attendees during the sessions and guided visits.

Schedule for high school students sitting the examination - February 11, 2017:

· 09:00. Call to examination. Classroom 4C02/ Classroom 4E02. Sciences Building (4th floor).
· 09:15 Start of examination
· 11:45 End of examination
· 13:00 End of day.

Schedule for parents, companions and the general public - February 11, 2017:

· 11:00 Guided visit to the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) / Museum of Natural Sciences (Pre-register at 

· 13:00 End of day.