Museum of Natural Sciences

The Museum of Natural Sciences at the University of Navarra (consisting of the Museum of Zoology and the Natural Sciences Collection) was established in 1998 and its exhibits include a zoological collection, a minerals, rocks and fossils area, and a sampling of old containers, texts, tools and apparatuses used in pharmacy, chemistry and photography in times past.


Among all of the Museum's holdings, 7,000 pieces from around the world are on display in 94 showcases located throughout the five floors of the Sciences (Hexagon) Building on the Pamplona campus.


The entirety of the collection is housed on the five floors of the Sciences Building. Guided group visits can be arranged and virtual visits are also possible. 


Opening hours - Summer 2013

- Guided group visits:

Monday through Friday, 09:30-13:00.

Groups wishing to visit the collection must provide 7 days' notice, since their visits will be guided.


Individual, unguided visits:

Monday through Friday, 10:00-13:00.


Admission is free.

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