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Activities of the School

1. Science Club
The Science Club enables you to supplement your science education with an exclusive program of practicals and science dissemination sessions, taught by researchers in the School of Sciences in areas such as Physics, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Zoology, Plant Biology and Chemistry.

2. School of Sciences University Orientation Workshops
Practicals in Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry in our laboratories, accompanied by an Open Day for parents. The next session will be held on November 16, 2013.

3. Science Weeks
The School of Sciences organizes this event each year to bring science closer to students and the general public. Different activities are held for this purpose: organized visits to the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), the Hands-On Chemistry workshop, the Hands-On Biology workshop, the University Orientation Workshop, lecture series, etc. From November 7-16, 2013.

4. "Teaching Biology"
Primarily experimental sessions led by several researchers from the School of Sciences and aimed at high school Biology teachers from across Spain.

5. "Teaching Chemistry"
High school Chemistry teachers are offered a continuing education course in laboratory practices that includes a series of practical and experimental sessions, workshops and debates.

6. "Be a Mentor"
Our "Be a Mentor" program is an attractive way to awaken greater interest among young people in Chemistry as a scientific discipline by carrying out practical sessions at schools. These experimental sessions are aimed at high school students, who sometimes see Chemistry as a science far removed from their interests. But there is a twist: their teachers are former students of their school who are currently completing the Degree in Chemistry at the University of Navarra.

7. Biology Olympics
The regional phase of the Spanish Biology Olympics, which is open to students in the last two years of high school at any school in Navarre.

8. Chemistry Olympics
Regional Olympics for students in the last year of high school in the Region of Navarre.

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