¿Por qué estudiar en la Facultad de Económicas? ti

Why study in the School of Economics and Business


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Quality in Teaching

Every student benefits from personal mentoring with a faculty member. Together with research and teaching, mentoring forms an integral part of the faculty’s role and is designed to ensure that transfer of knowledge and experience is not confined to the classroom.

Calidad en la investigación y la docenciaThe faculty generates a substantial output of working papers and publications. Sixty percent of faculty members work on teaching and research on a full-time basis.

Programa IESEThe School of Economics and Business IESE Program is the only undergraduate degree program offered in conjunction with a world-class business school. This program seeks to familiarize students with the kind of demanding environment of excellence usually reserved for postgraduate students. This allows them to complement their training with a work methodology designed to enhance their professional skills.

Diplomas de especializaciónFrom this academic year, students will be able to complete their studies with specialization programs and to choose the one that fits to their profile. The students will attend to specific subjects and specialize their training in Economics and Business.

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International Roots

Raíces internacionalesThe School of Economics and Business was the first Spanish institution to offer bilingual degrees within the branches of Economics and Business. Students have the option of undertaking two exchange programs over the course of the degree, one of which is mandatory. Students who opt for a bilingual program earn an official undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Management or Economics and are required to study at least 50% of the subjects in English.

Conexión internacionalInternational experience is a key component of the student curriculum, which is why we offer exchange programs at a wide range of universities, carefully selected from the world’s leading institutions. The School of Economics and Business has more than 130 partnership agreements with universities from all over the world.

Profesorado internacionalThe School’s faculty represents 12 different nationalities.

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University Experience

Formación integral del alumnadoThe School is committed to providing cutting-
edge, high-quality university education that combines a humanistic vision of business with solid, quantitative training and close contact with different fields of professional activity.

Actividades culturales, deportivas y solidariasIn a globalized world in which students will be expected to cope with a complex, ever-changing reality, the School provides them with the tools and training they’ll need to successfully tackle the new challenges that arise. A wide range of cultural, sporting and charitable activities enables students to acquire an education based not only on knowledge, but also on the values, attitudes and behaviors that will prepare them to develop successfully, both personally and professionally.

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Employment Opportunities

Alta empeabilidadThe employment rate among graduates of the School of Economics and Business is 98.3%. The School collaborates with prestigious institutions and companies to provide our students with internships and employment

Empleo y prácticasEvery year, companies such as Amazon, Procter & Gamble, McKinsey, Deloitte, KPMG, Adidas, PepsiCo, BBVA, Santander, Morgan Stanley, Volkswagen and IBM, as well as major banks, most auditing and consultancy firms, and major national and international law firms, conduct recruitment processes to offer our students employment and internships. In addition, UN and EU institutions and embassies welcome our students to their internship and young graduate programs.

Acompañamiento profesionalThe School, in collaboration with the Career Services Office, endeavors to support our students through the process of designing their professional career by providing them with job opportunities and the tools and resources they need to secure employment. To that end, it offers a support service to help them access the world’s leading organizations and the best job opportunities.