Seminars 2015-2016


  • Thursday, 19th

Prajakta Desai (London School of Economics)

The Credit Risk Market Compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for Foreign Private Issuers – job market seminar

  • Thursday, 26th

Julio A. Crego (CEMFI)

Does Public News Decrease Information Asymmetries? – job market seminar



  • Thursday, 02nd

Luiz Ricardo Kabbach (Universidade de São Paulo)

The Benefits of Family Control: How Family Corporate Governance Enables Investment (joint with A. Damasceno Pellicani, A. Kalatzis) – job market seminar

  • Friday, 03rd

Hélia Costa (London School of Economics)

Policy Distortion as a Signaling Tool: the Case of U.S. Environment Expenditures – job market seminar

  • Monday, 06th

Lara Ezquerra (Middlesex University London)

Distributional Consequences of Endogenous and Compulsory Delegation – job market seminar

  • Thursday, 09th

Nuno José Lopes (IESE)

When Selecting from Many Gets Easier: the Moderating Effect of Collective Choice – job market seminar

  • Thursday, 16th

Sandra García Uribe (CEMFI)

Multidimensional Media Slant: Complementarities in News Reporting by U.S. Newspapers – job market seminar

  • Friday, 17th

Miguel Espinosa (London School of Economics)

Sourcing of Expertise and the Boundaries of the Firm: the Case of Lobbyists – job market seminar

  • Thursday, 23rd

Steven Ongena (University of Zurich)

Change in the Cost of Bank Equity and the Supply of Bank Credit (joint with C. Célérier and T. Kick)



  • Friday, 24th

Francesca Lipari (Penn University & University of Tor Vergata)

This is How We Do: How Social Norm and Diachronic Social Identity Shape Decision Making Under Risk – job market seminar




  • Thursday, 09th

Marcel Smolka (Aarhus University)

Foreign Ownership and Skill-Biased Technical Change (joint with M. Koch)



  • Thursday, 23rd

Jaromir Kovarik (University of the Basque Country)

Distributive Preferences and Effort Provision (joint with I. Martinez and L. Miller)



  • Thursday, 30th

Jean Imbs (Paris School of Economics)

Fundamental Moments (joint with L. Pauwels)






  • Thursday, 06th

Javier Rivas (University of Bath)

Lobbying, Campaign Contributions and Political Competition



  • Thursday, 27th

Jörg Rocholl (European School of Management and Technology)

What Do a Million Observations Have to Say About Loan Defaults? Opening the Black Box of Relationships (joint with M. Puri and S. Steffen)





  • Thursday, 11th

Loriana Pelizzon (Goethe University Frankfurt) - cancelled




  • Thursday, 17th

José Ignacio García Pérez (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)

Moral Hazard Versus Liquidity and the Optimal Timing of Unemployment Benefits in Spain (join with R.G. Campos and I. Reggio)


  • Thursday, 25th


Sébastien Fosse (Duesto Business School)

Dignity and Honor in Negotiation (join with E. Ogliastri and M.I. Rendon) – job market seminar





  • Thursday, 01st

Charles Calomiris (Columbia Business School) - cancelled




  • Thursday, 15th

Guenter Lang (Kühne Logistics University)

Does Public Regulation Adversely Affect Smaller Firms? An Empirical Study for the German Banking Industry (joint with C. Kalhöfer)


  • Thursday, 22nd

Han Bleichrodt (Erasmus Research Institute of Management)

Discounting Health and Money: New Evidence Using A More Robust Method


  • Thursday, 29th

Marco Bernardini (Ghent University)

Private Debt Overhang and the Government Spending Multiplier: Evidence for the United States (joint with G. Peersman)




  • Thursday, 06th

Monika Koeppl Turyna (Agenda Austria)

Do Equalization Payments Affect Subnational Borrowing? Evidence for Regression Discontinuity


  • Thursday, 13th

Luca Fornaro (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Aggregate Demand Externalities in a Global Liquidity Trap (joint with F. Romei)


  • Thursday, 27th

Alvaro Santos Moreno (Bankia, Capital Markets)

Welfare Effects of Central Bank Interventions (joint with I. Paraskevopoulos)




  • Thursday, 03rd

Elena San Román (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Investigar Desde la Encrucijada: Historia Empresarial y Emprendimiento. Una Visión Interdisciplicar


  • Thursday, 17th

Arthur Attema (Erasmus University of Rotterdam)

Measuring Uncertainty Preferences for Health (joint with H. Bleichrodt and O. l’Haridon)


  • Tuesday, 22nd

Daniel Curto-Millet (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

On Metamorphosis and Maturation: The Interwoven Emergence of Openness – job market seminar


  • Thursday, 24th

Juan Máñez (Universidad de Valencia)

Import Tariffs, Exposure to International Trade, and Firm-level Productivity: Evidence from Brazilian Industrial Firms, 2000-2008 (joint with X. Cirera, D. Lederman, M.E. Rochina and J.A. Sanchis)




  • Thursday, 1st

Alfredo Martín (Universidad de les Illes Balears)

Does Bank Restructuring Affect Branch Closure? (joint with V. Salas-Fumás)


  • Friday, 2nd

Fabien Pecot (Aix-Marseille Université)

“Out of Sight, Out of Heart”: the Role of Temporal Distance in Affective Response to Brand Heritage – job market seminar

  • Wednesday, 14th

Claudio Lucarelli (Universidad de los Andes)

Can Amputation Save the Hospital? The Medicare Rural Flexibility Program on Demand and Welfare (joint with G. Gowrisankaran, P. Schmidt-Dengler, R. Town)


  • Monday, 19th

Pablo Forero (European University Institute)

Competition, Tasks and Earnings Inequality – job market seminar