Seminars 2013-2014

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  • Wednesday Sept. 18 

Glenn D. Rudebusch (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) 

Monetary Policy Expectations at the Zero Lower Bound (joint with M.D. Bauer) 


  • Wednesday Sept. 25 

Nicola Borri (LUISS Guido Carli) 

Sovereign Risk Premia (joint with A. Verdelhan) 



  • Tuesday Oct. 01 

Austin Lee Nichols (Peking University HSBC Business School) 

Desired Leadership Traits: Examining the Effect of Hierarchical Level on the Traits Individuals Desire in 



  • Wednesday Oct. 16 

Jose Luis Pinto Prades (Glasgow Caledonian University) 

Separate and Joint Evaluation of Road Traffic Injuries 


  • Wednesday Oct. 30 

Javier Asensio (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona) 

Supermarket Prices and Competition: An Empirical Analysis of Urban Local Markets 


Ivan Jaccard (European Central Bank) 

Liquidity Contstraints, Risk Premia and the Macroeconomic Effect of Liquidity Shocks 


Irem Tuna (London Business School) 

Corporate Governance and the Efficiency of the International Capital Markets 


 A.Y. 2013-14 School of Economics and

 Business Administration



  • Friday Nov. 08 

Michel Dubois (Université de Neuchâtel) 

Hype my Stock or Harm my Rivals? Another View on Analysts' Conflicts of Interest (joint with A. Moraru) 


  • Wednesday Nov. 13 

Raymond Da Silva Rosa (University of Western Australia) 

Evidence on Influence Acquired and Premiums Paid by Creeping Blockholders (joint with M. Kingsbury and 

D. Yermack) 


  • Friday Nov. 22 

Gaizka Ormazabal (IESE Business School) 

Director Risk Exposure and Board Turnover: A Pre- and Post-Crisis Analysis 


  • Friday Nov. 27 

Manuel Illueca (Universitat Jaume I) 

Do Changes in the Timeliness of Loan Losses Recognition Affect Bank Risk Taking? (joint with L. Norden 

and G. F. Udell) 


Christian Bjørnskov (Aarhus University) 

Do Social Rights Affect Social Outcomes? (joint wih J. Mchangama) 



  • Wednesday Dec. 11 

Antonio Diez de los Rios (Bank of Canada) 

Macroeconomic Drivers of Crude Oil Futures Risk Premia (joint with R. Alquist and G.H. Bauer)


  • Monday Dec. 16 

Gabriela Flores (University of Texas at El Paso) 

Culture and Social Exchange in Open Innovation Relationships 



  • Wednesday Jan. 08 

Juan Equiza (ECARES) 

Sovereign Debt and Growth Expectations 


  • Friday Jan. 16 

Christine Kaufmann (University of Mannheim) 

The Power of Information – How Portfolio Weights Influence your Asset Allocation (joint with C. Ehm and M. Weber) 


  • Wednesday Jan. 22 

José Maria Fernandez-Creuhet (IESE Business School) 

Should Spain Adopt Ango-Saxon Labour-Hours? 


  • Wednesday Jan. 29 

Katarzyna Anna Bachnik (Warsaw School of Economics) 

CRS Fueled by Crowdsourcing 



  • Wednesday Feb. 26 

Ricard Gil (John Hopkins University) 

Mejora Continua y Gestión por Procesos 




  • Friday Mar. 06 

Lidia Sánchez-Ruiz (Universidad de Cantabria) 

Mejora Continua y Gestión por Procesos


  • Friday Mar. 14 

Jordi Galì (Universidad Pompeau Fabra) 

The Effects of Monetary Policy on Stock Market Bubbles: Some Evidence (joint with L. Gambetti) 


  • Thursday Mar. 27 

Peter Davis  (Compass Lexecon)  

Price Concentration Analysis: A Hospital Case


  • Friday Mar. 28

Christiane Baumeister (Bank of Canada) 

Do Oil Price Increases Cause Higher Food Prices? (joint with L. Kilian)  




  • Wednesday Apr. 02 

Stefano Corradin (European Central Bank) 

The Importance of Being Special: Repo Markets During the Crisis (joint with A. Maddaloni) 


  • Wednesday Apr. 09 

Juan S. Mora-Sanguinetti (Banco de España)

Entrepreneurship and Enforcement Institutions: Disaggregated Evidence for Spain




  • Wednesday May 07 

Nicolas Coeurdacier (SciencesPo Paris) 

Credit Constraints and Growth in a Global Economy (joint with S. Guibaud and K. Jin) 


  • Friday May 09 

Andreas Berg (Lund University and IFN) 

What are the Policy Lessons for Sweden? On the Rise, Fall and Revival of a Capitalist Welfare State 


  • Monday May 12 

Neal Stoughton (Vienna University of Economics and Business & Vienna Graduate School of Finance)

An Integrated Model of University Endowments (joint with G. Cejnek and R. Franz)


  • Wednesday May 14 

Anna Gunnthorsdottir (Vienna University of Economics and Business & University of Iceland)

The "Magic" of Merit over Priviledge: A Theoretical and Experimental Model of Firms and Communities


  • Thursday May 29 

Javier Gómez Biscarri (Universitat Pompeau Fabra) 

The Relationship between Earnings Management and Corporate Social Responsibility: the Effects of CSR Disclosure(joint with L. Parrondo) 


  • Friday May 30 


Ethical Issues in Finance and Banking (download the program




  • Monday Jun. 23 

Spiros Gounaris (University of Strathclyde) 

Servicescapes: Marketing the Atmospherics to the Consumer