Seminars 2012-2013

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  • Wednesday Oct. 3

Presenter: Dulce María Redín Goñi (Universidad de Navarra)

Title: "The Impact of Informal Transfer Mechanisms on Official Remittance Flows"

  • Wednesday Oct. 31

Presenter: Marian Moszoro (IESE Business School)

Title: "The Arrow-Lind Theorem Revisited in Turmoil Times: Ownership Concentration and Valuation" (joint with Z. Bednarek)


  • Monday Nov. 19

Presenter: Fernando Penalva (IESE Business School)

Title: "Earnings Management to Avoid Debt Covenant Violations and Future Performance" (joint with S. Dyreng and S.A. Hillegeist)

  • Thursday Nov. 22

Presenter: María Rodríguez-Moreno (ECB and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Title: "Derivatives Holdings and Systemic Risk in the U.S. Banking Sector" (joint with S. Mayordomo and J.I. Peña)



  • Wednesday Jan. 23

Presenter: Martin Rode (Universidad de Cantabria) – job market seminar

Title: "Does Democratization Facilitate Economic Liberalization?" (joint with J.D. Gwartney), European Journal of Political Economy, 28(4), 607-619

  • Friday Jan. 25

Presenter: Aloña Martiarena (Aston University) – job market seminar

Title: "Mobility of Skills and Ideas"

  • Wednesday Jan. 30

Presenter: Emiliano Catonini (Bocconi University) – job market seminar

Title: "Non-Binding Agreements and Forward Induction Reasoning" 


  • Wednesday Feb. 06

Presenter: Daniele Siena (Bocconi University) – job market seminar

Title: "The European Monetary Union and Imbalances: Is It an Anticipation Story?"

  • Friday Feb. 22

Presenter: Joel Sandonis (Universidad de Alicante)

Title: : "On the Competitive Effects of (Increasing) Buyer Power in Vertically Related Industries"


  • Tuesday Mar. 5

            Presenter: Enrique ter Horst (IESA)

            Title: "Timing Foreign Exchange Markets" (joint with R.B. Gramacy and S.W. Malone)

  • Thursday Mar.7

            Presenter: Sebastian Weber (IMF)

Title: "Interacted Panel VAR (IPVAR): A Matlab Toolbox to Analyze Dynamic Adjustments Under Varying Economic Structures"

  • Wednesday Mar. 20

            Presenter: Cédric Tille (The Graduate Institute|Geneva)

            Title: "A Bargaining Theory of Trade Invoicing" (joint with L. Goldberg)


  • Wednesday Apr. 10

Presenter: Pedro José Serrano Jiménez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Title: "What Drives Corporate Default Risk Premia? Evidence from the CDS Market" (joint with A. Diaz and J. Groba)

  • Friday Apr. 19

Presenter: Steven R.G. Ongena (Tilburg University)

Title: "A Century of Firm-Bank Relationships: Did Banking Sector Deregulation Spur Firms to Add Banks and Borrow More?" (joint with F. Braggion)

  • Wednesday Apr. 24

Presenter: Ramazan Gençay (Simon Fraser University)

Title: "Economic Links and Credit Spreads" (joint with D. Signori)


  • Friday May 03

            Presenter: Marc Ivaldi (Toulouse School of Economics)

            Title: "The Static-Dynamic Efficiency Trade-Off in the US Rail Freight Industry: Assessment of an OpenAccess Policy" (joint with D. Coublucq and G. McCullough)

  • Wednesday May 15

            Presenter: Francisco González Rodríguez (Universidad de Oviedo)

            Title: "How Credible is a Too-Big-to-Fail Policy? International Evidence from Market Discipline" (joint with E. Cubillas and A.I. Fernandez)

  • Wednesday May 22

           Presenter: Alfonso Novales Cinca (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

           Title: "Macroeconomic and Financial Determinants of Corporate Bond Volatility" (joint with B. Niento and G. Rubio)

  • Friday May 24

           Presenter: Gabriel Perez Quiros (Banco de España)

           Title: "The Failure to Predict the Great Recession, the Failure of Academic Economics? A View Through the Role of Credit" (joint with M.D.G. Rivas)