Case Competition Club

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The «Case Competition Club» from the University of Navarra was founded during the fall of 2013 as an initiative of the School of Economics and Business students.

Thus, it is a Club created by students for students. Furthermore, its foundation aims to follow the footsteps of various other international and prestigious universities. The Case Competition Club assumes the role of forming and training its fellows and associates in order to effectively confront future Case Competitions within the University and abroad.

Moreover, the Case Competition Club is structured mainly along two-axis:

  • The School of Economics and Business of the University of Navarra has entrusted this Club with training and preparation of its associates to face Case Competitions.

  • Furthermore, the Case Competition Club is in charge of managing and organizing the UNICC, University of Navarra International Case Competition. 

The reason of our organization is to strengthen the various skills excerised in a Case Competition: public speech skills, technical expertise, case analysis and more.

With a vision to fulfill these objectives and to increase the productivity of the lectures teachers and professionals offer, sessions have been structured as follows:

  • Hard competence sessions, through which the technical expertise and theoretical knowledge is aimed.

  • Soft competence sessions. Case Competitions always include a public speech where the group presents its solution to the Case. Furthermore, knowing how to express ideas and selling the solution given to the case attractively, is crucial. In these sessions, experts in the field of communication will give general guidelines.

On the other hand, through the UNICC, the University of Navarra hopes to assert itself to the world: prove its potential and reinforce its relations with its international partners, invited to participate in this International Case Competition. 



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