Innovation Decisions in the Business Environment

Innovation Decisions in the Business Environment

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The development of competitive advantages on companies implies the development of innovation activities that allows them to differ inside the global market. Nowadays, the practices of traditional innovation, in an environment where the cycles of life are increasingly short and the technologies change constantly, do not represent a suitable response.

The main objective of this group is to advance research lines that may help explaining some of the decisive factors in promoting open innovation practices in a firm. We consider this research area in business organization, a main concern, with a keen interest for both, the business community and the academia.

This is an interdisciplinary group, with researchers from different backgrounds, such as business, communication and design. This allows us to develop a holistic approach of research projects that analyze a wide set of factors that impact in the innovation processes of the firm.

The research topics we analyze are open innovation, strategic management of innovation, absorptive capacity, communication, role of innovation intermediaries, stakeholders’ engagement, supply chain management, digitalization, and innovation and firm performance. We pretend developing action research projects that will help us  working with stakeholders as business associations, universities and firms. A model that shows the relationships of these topics and that summarizes the research framework of our research group is:


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