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Research Groups

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Operations Research: This group's goal is the development, the application and implementation of procedures of optimization and mathematical techniques related with Operations Research.

Contact person: Victoria Rodríguez.


Innovation Decisions in the Business Environment: This group's goal is to study mechanisms that convert a firm's innovation into its strategic advantage. We study "open" and "closed" innovation. The first, for example, is based on the participation of clients, suppliers and even competitors in the innovation process which obviously requires to solve issues such as that of "copyright". The nature of this line's research is theoretical as well as applied: for example, this group has done exhaustive empirical studies of the automobile sector.

Contact person: José Antonio Alfaro.


Industrial Organization / Microeconomics: This group studies imperfect competition in industrial and service sectors both from a theoretical and an applied point of view. Moreover, we develop theoretical projects in order to question established results in the theoretical literature on imperfect markets since they are based on assumptions that do not hold in reality. The corresponding results allow us to propose changes in economic and competition policies. Social welfare measures whether a policy is successful or not. Moreover, we carry out applied research, such as, studying the pharmacy market in Navarre. The consequences of a partial liberalization of entry in this market are analyzed from a social welfare point.

Contact person: Francisco Galera and Javier Elizalde.