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Employment Opportunities


One of the priorities at the School of Economics and Business Administration is to promote the professional development of its students. To do this, it benefits from the support of the University of Navarra Business Foundation (FEUN), an institution with a 25-year history of acting as a meeting-point between business and the university. Innovative, high-ranking companies support us and collaborate on this project.

The University of Navarra Business Foundation (FEUN) provides students and graduates with their first contact with the professional world and facilitates access to the job market.

Its main areas of activity are:

  • Professional careers: In the area of career development, FEUN helps students to define a professional profile than complements the education they receive at the University of Navarra: student internship placement, individual career guidance, workshops and sessions on professional competences, etc.

  • Employment and guidance: Prepares graduates to get the best job possible and helps companies find the best candidate through guidance sessions, group activities, publishing job listings, recruitment processes, etc.

  • International area: Helps students and recent graduates refine an international professional profile that allows them to obtain a job that fits their degree in the global market through different scholarship programs.

  • Entrepreneurs: Seeks to support students and graduates of the University of Navarra who intend to start their own business through a range of business entrepreneur support platforms.

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Tasa de inserción profesional
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Prácticas realizadas en el curso 2015/2016
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Ofertas de inserción profesional publicadas
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Itxaso Ruiz de las Heras
Career Manager of Career Services

General contact:
School of Economics and Business Administration
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 803133

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