The blending of teaching and research is one of the distinctive features and hallmarks of quality of the School of Architecture at the University of Navarra. Producing doctoral dissertations, patents and technical publications is not merely a way to make professors' professional résumés shine, but a fundamental basis on which they are selected and which ensures that their teaching performance is up to date and of high quality.

One of the main ways the School promotes research is its Publications Service, which periodically publishes books and journals in its ten collections on a range of topics related to architecture, construction, building, etc. Furthermore, it painstakingly collects the papers and presentations given at the conferences and biennales held at the School of Architecture.

Also, the School's renovated library holds collections for the use of its professors and students. With over 30 years of history and 16,000 volumes, the library has become a leading resource for teaching and research in architecture.

Lastly, the School has its own Building Laboratory, within the same building, with an up-to-date and extensive Materials Library (over 10,000 items) that enables students to have real and direct contact with the instruments of their professional work and to carry out experimental tests.

Ra - Revista de Arquitectura
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