The University of Navarra offers the possibility of completing the Spanish Philology degree program along with Journalism. Completing one of these double degree programs is much more than adding a specialized area of study to your degree program, since it involves completing two entire university degree programs in five years. Students are therefore required to put forth twice the effort and show sufficientwork capacity and motivation to handle the demands of the program.

Experts in journalism are distinguished creators of information and reality in the public arena. Bringing reality to the public arena requires deep knowledge of the language used by people and society, as well as the literary and linguistic roots of the different cultures and traditions. Programs of study in Philology can be extraordinarily enriching for the work of communicators by training them in the use of language and words and linguistic expression, which has always been a driving force behind creativity.

Contact information

Pedro Lizaur
Admission Coordinator

General contact:
University Campus
31009 Pamplona

948 42 56 00 Ext.802388

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