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Juan Manuel Mora
Vice President of Communication, University of Navarra


Juan Manuel Mora García de Lomas has been Vice President of Communication at the University of Navarra since 2007. His responsibilities include managing the University's internal and external communications, website, brand and corporate publications. He is a member of the social responsibility, auditing and reputation committees at the University. He is also an organizing member of the Building Universities’ Reputation conference series.

Mora García de Lomas completed his degree with distinction at the University of Navarra's School of Information Sciences in 1980, and obtained a PhD from the same School's Media Companies area in 1988. He is a professor of Institutional Communication at the Schools of Communication of both the University of Navarra and the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Rome.

He has broad international experience and has given lectures and held seminars in different countries in Europe and the Americas. He has worked in strategic communication for the past 25 years in the areas of teaching, research, outreach and consulting.