Área de Mentor del Departamento de Organización Industrial


The MENTOR (Methodologies in Education and New Technologies Orientation and Research) group focuses its research on the analysis, development and application of new technologies and methodologies for the improvement of the learning process.

It arises from Tecnun's interest in researching the Teaching-Learning Process and the advantages that Technological Innovation can provide to this process. The main objective is the development of computer tools to support the learning process and  material for innovation in learning.

We are currently working on:

• Development of material and methodologies for Mastering Learning in Mathematics

• Development of material and methodologies for Mastering Learning in Computer Science

• Study of the application of Flipped Learning in Higher Education in engineering

• Study of the continuous evaluation in STEM

We collaborate with investigators from all areas for the improvement of learning, with other departments of the University of Navarra and other universities.