Research lines

  • Research Group in Media Management and Media Economics and Communications Markets

Studies the management of specific media companies; History of media companies; Quality. Analysis of the current situation and trends in information-exchange markets; Analysis of environments and competitive strategies in the communication sector; Corporate and production strategies; Consolidation and growth strategies in media businesses. Search for sustainable competitive advantages.

  • Civértice Project

The objective of this project is to define how to engage in effective sales communication with young people and adolescents, with an integrated vision of the environment in which they live, whether it be the family, the academic center and peers, and how this environment conditions their manner of understanding the advertising message.

  • Business and Thematic Values in Spanish family television series

A research project which attempts to analyze the decision elements which have greatest weight in the production of family series, and the elements which provide quality to a family series.

  • Communications media and the market of economic ideas

A study of the influence of the information media on the transmission of economic ideas, and the structure of the economic press in Spain and the rest of the world.

  • Institutional Communication in Spain

A study of the history of PR and corporate communication in Spain in the financial sector.