Fabrication equipment

CNC machines

  • Five-axis vertical machining center DMU50


  • Three-axis vertical machining center KONDIA A10


Conventional machines:

  • Conventional lathe STANKOIMPORT 16B16P     

  • Conventional lathe ZMM CU400M

  • Surface grinding machine KENT

  • Drilling machine ERLO

  • Tapping machine RN-12 CMA

  • Grinder LETAG

  • Metal bandsaw OPTIMUM S275G

Force sensors:

  • Three-component dynamometer KISTLER 9257B for measuring cutting forces

  • Rotating 4-Component Dynamometer KISTLER 9123C for measuring cutting forces and torque

Metrology Lab

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) DEA Mistral

    Travel X-Y-Z (mm): 710-660-460

    Accuracy: 3+4L/1000 mm


  • Roundness Measuring Machine MITUTOYO RA-400

Rotational accuracy: 0.02+3H/10000 mm

H: Probing height (mm)

  • Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument MITUTOYO SJ-301

  • Profilometer Form Talysurf Plus

  • Stereoscopic microscope Leica Mz125

  • White-Light Interformeter microscope

(WLI) SmartWLI-basic (gbs)

Height measuring range: Up to 400 mm

Measurement array (Pixel): 1624x1234

Light source: LED 590

Vertical resolution: VSI: 1 nm

Max scan speed (mm/s): 10.6

Objetive 5x

Working distance 9.3 mm

Field of view (FOV): 2264x1723 mm

Pixel size: 2.80 mm