Structures Group

Área de Estructuras del departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica y Materiales - Tecnun

The research in the Structures Group is focused on medical implants, topological optimisation and steel structures.

  • Medical Implants. One of the main research lines of this area is the design and analysis of patient-specific orthopaedic implants and scaffolds to treat complex bone defects and to provide optimal osseointegration. To this end, this working group studies the mechanical behaviour of cellular materials, which are porous structures that are gaining interest thanks to the developments of Additive Manufacturing (AM). A strength of this research line is the close collaboration between researchers from this group, the Tissue Engineering group of the Biomedical Engineering and Sciences Department and the Department of Orthopaedic and Traumatology Surgery of the Clinica Universidad de Navarra (CUN).

  • Topological Optimisation. Taking advantage of the capabilities of AM, different parts of the transport sector can be redesigned and optimised. In this research line we focus on the topological optimisation of these parts considering the manufacturing constraints and hybrid structures. In collaboration with the Manufacturing Group, the clamping strategies are also considered in the design phase for those parts that require post-machining processes.

  • Steel Structures. In the last years, structural codes have experienced many changes in our country. The Structures Group has been researching and making contributions to the understanding of different phenomena related to the stability of structural members in bending and compression and the overall stability of structures, mainly thin-walled and spatial single-layer structures.

The equipment in the Structures Lab allow testing large and strong steel elements. Thanks to them, the Structural Group has been involved in many experimental tests aimed to characterize the behaviour of newly designed connections for spatial single-layer structures.