Tissue Engineering


Year 2019

  • Hajian, Reza; Balderston, Sarah; Tran, Thanhtra; DeBoer, Tara; Etienne, Jessy; Sandhu, Mandeep; Wauford, Noreen A.; Chung, Jing-Yi; Nokes, Jolie; Athaiya, Mitre; Paredes, Jacobo; Peytavi, Regis; Goldsmith, Brett; Murthy, Niren; Conboy, Irina M.; Aran, Kiana. Detection of unamplified target genes via CRISPR-Cas9 immobilized on a graphene field-effect transistor. NATURE BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING

Publicaciones Year 2018

  • Tubia, I.; Paredes, J.; Perez-Lorenzo, E.; Arana, S. Antibody biosensors for spoilage yeast detection based on impedance spectroscopy. BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS

  • Sadlowski, Corinne; Balderston, Sarah; Sandhu, Mandeep; Hajian, Reza; Liu, Chao; Tran, Thanhtra P.; Conboy, Michael J.; Paredes, Jacobo; Murthy, Niren; Conboy, Irina M.; Aran, Kiana. Graphene-based biosensor for on-chip detection of bio-orthogonally labeled proteins to identify the circulating biomarkers of aging during heterochronic parabiosis. LAB ON A CHIP

  • Tubia, I.; Carazo, F.; Apezteguia, A.; Perez-Lorenzo, E.; Paredes, J.; Arana, S. Analysis of temperature and pH shifts on the impedance characteristic using interdigitated microelectrode based sensors for industrial applications. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL

  • Tubia, Imanol; Prasad, Karthik; Perez-Lorenzo, Eva; Abadin, Cristina; Zumarraga, Miren; Oyanguren, Inigo; Barbero, Francisca; Paredes, Jacobo; Arana, Sergio. Beverage spoilage yeast detection methods and control technologies: A review of Brettanomyces. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD MICROBIOLOGY

  • Tubia, I.; Paredes, J.; Perez-Lorenzo, E.; Arana, S. Brettanomyces bruxellensis growth detection using interdigitated microelectrode based sensors by means of impedance analysis. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL

  • Aldazabal, Javier; Martin-Meizoso, Antonio; Klimpel, Andrzej; Bannister, Adam; Cicero, Sergio. Mechanical and Microstructural Features of Plasma Cut Edges in a 15 mm Thick S460M Steel Plate. METALS

  • Aldazabal, J.; Garcia-Rosales, C.; Martin Meizoso, A.; Ordas, N.; Sordo, F.; Martinez, J. L.; Gil Sevillano, J. A comparison of the structure and mechanical properties of commercially pure tungsten rolled plates for the target of the European spallation source. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REFRACTORY METALS & HARD MATERIALS

  • Artola, Garikoitz; Arredondo, Alberto; Isabel Fernandez-Calvo, Ana; Aldazabal, Javier. Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility of R4 and R5 High-Strength Mooring Steels in Cold and Warm Seawater. METALS

Publicaciones Year 2017

  • Aran, Kiana; Chooljian, Marc; Paredes, Jacobo; Rafi, Mohammad; Lee, Kunwoo; Kim, Allison Y.; An, Jeanny; Yau, Jennifer F.; Chum, Helen; Conboy, Irina; Murthy, Niren; Liepmann, Dorian. An oral microjet vaccination system elicits antibody production in rabbits. SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE

Publicaciones Year 2016

  • Cicero, S.; Garcia, T.; Alvarez, J. A.; Martin-Meizoso, A.; Aldazabal, J.; Bannister, A.; Klimpel, A. Definition and validation of Eurocode 3 FAT classes for structural steels containing oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cut holes. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FATIGUE

  • Capdevila, C.; Aranda, M. M.; Rementeria, R.; Chao, J.; Urones-Garrote, E.; Aldazabal, J.; Miller, M. K. Strengthening by intermetallic nanoprecipitation in Fe-Cr-Al-Ti alloy. ACTA MATERIALIA

  • Andres, D.; Garcia, T.; Cicero, S.; Lacalle, R.; Alvarez, J. A.; Martin-Meizoso, A.; Aldazabal, J.; Bannister, A.; Klimpel, A. Characterization of heat affected zones produced by thermal cutting processes by means of Small Punch tests. MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION

  • Cicero, S.; Garcia, T.; Alvarez, J. A.; Bannister, A.; Klimpel, A.; Martin-Meizoso, A.; Aldazabal, J. Fatigue behaviour of structural steels with oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cut straight edges. Definition of Eurocode 3 FAT classes. ENGINEERING STRUCTURES

  • Becerro, Sheila; Paredes, Jacobo; Mujika, Maite; Perez Lorenzo, Eva; Arana, Sergio. Electrochemical Real-Time Analysis of Bacterial Biofilm Adhesion and Development by Means of Thin-Film Biosensors IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL

  • Gil Sevillano, J.; Aldazabal, I.; Luque, A.; Aldazabal, J. Atomistic simulation of the elongation response of a < 011 > oriented columnar nano-grain bcc Fe polycrystalline sample. MECCANICA

  • Cicero, S.; Garcia, T.; Alvarez, J. A.; Bannister, A.; Klimpel, A.; Martin-Meizoso, A.; Aldazabal, J. Fatigue behavior of high strength steel S890Q containing thermally cut straight edges. XVIII INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM ON MECHANICAL FATIGUE OF METALS (ICMFM XVIII)

Publicaciones Year 2015

  • Viswanathan, Sowmya; Narayanan, Tharangattu N.; Aran, Kiana; Fink, Kathryn D.; Paredes, Jacobo; Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Filipek, Slawomir; Miszta, Przemyslaw; Tekin, H. Cumhur; Inci, Fatih; Demirci, Utkan; Li, Pingzuo; Bolotin, Kirill I.; Liepmann, Dorian; Renugopalakrishanan, V. Graphene-protein field effect biosensors: glucose sensing. MATERIALS TODAY

  • Garcia, T.; Cicero, S.; Ibanez-Gutierrez, F. T.; Alvarez, J. A.; Martin-Meizoso, A.; Bannister, A.; Klimpel, A.; Aldazabal, J. Fatigue performance of thermally cut bolt holes in structural steel S460M. FATIGUE DESIGN 2015, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS, 6TH EDITION

  • Paredes, Jacobo; Fink, Kathryn D.; Novak, Richard; Liepmann, Dorian. Self-anchoring nickel microelectrodes for rapid fabrication of functional thermoplastic microfluidic prototypes. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL

  • Atkinson, Colin; Coman, Ciprian D.; Aldazabal, Javier. Couple stresses and the fracture of rock. PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES

  • Becerro, Sheila; Paredes, Jacobo; Arana, Sergio. Multiparametric Biosensor for Detection and Monitoring of Bacterial Biofilm Adhesion and Growth. 6TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION FOR MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING

  • Iyer, V.; Murali, P.; Paredes, J.; Liepmann, D.; Boser, B.  Encapsulation of integrated circuits in plastic microfluidic systems using hot embossing    2015 TRANSDUCERS - 2015 18TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOLID-STATE SENSORS, ACTUATORS AND MICROSYSTEMS (TRANSDUCERS)

Publicaciones Year 2014

  • Paredes, Jacobo; Becerro, Sheila; Arana, Sergio. Label-free interdigitated microelectrode based biosensors for bacterial biofilm growth monitoring using Petri dishes. JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGICAL METHODS

  • Paredes, J.; Alonso-Arce, M.; Schmidt, C.; Valderas, D.; Sedano, B.; Legarda, J.; Arizti, F.; Gomez, E.; Aguinaga, A.; Del Pozo, J. L.; Arana, S. Smart central venous port for early detection of bacterial biofilm related infections. BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES

  • Paredes, J.; Becerro, S.; Arana, S. Comparison of real time impedance monitoring of bacterial biofilm cultures in different experimental setups mimicking real field environments. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL