Environmental Engineering Group


Ingenieria ambiental


The Environmental Engineering group focuses its research on the development and optimization of advanced technologies for the treatment and recovery of valuable compounds from wastewater and organic waste, all from a circular-economy vision.

All the activities in the group are carried out in collaboration and as part of the Water and Waste group in Ceit.

The group’s R&D activities are developed from an experimental or mathematical modelling and simulation point of view. This activity is applied in the industrial sector (agri-food, paper, oil and gas, pharmaceutical-sanitary) and in the urban area (sewage and solid waste). The current activity lines are:

• New technologies and solutions for the recovery of compounds from water and solid wastes in a circular-economy context. This research line is approached from a simulation and experimental validation perspective.

• New solutions for the optimum water management in industry. Solutions based on data management and simulation of water networks to reduce water consumption and suggest sustainable solutions from an economic and environmental point of view.

• Treatment of emerging pollutants in water and waste. Development of technological solutions to measure and remove emerging compounds in water, sludge and waste.

• Biorefinery: analysis of new solutions based on the valorization of waste by means of chemical and physical processes.

During the last years, we have participated together with the Ceit Water and Waste group in several regional, national and European projects with engineering companies, end users and other international universities.  Some of our relevant projects are: Life MCUBO, Aquafit4use.