The Simulation Centre computer room has 25 computers (1 for the teacher-24 for students).

The following programs are installed on the computers:

  • Sniffy the Virtual Rat

    Sniffy is a digital rat used to interactively demonstrate the principles of behavioral conditioning. (Alloway/Wilson/Graham’s Sniffy the Virtual Rat Lite, Version 3.0 – - ISBN: 9781111726188)

  • Matlab

    This is used for automatic learning, signal processing, image processing, artificial vision, communications, computational finances, control design, robotics and many other fields.

  • Access to Neroarch

    Access to remote desktop

  • The Biodigital Human

    3D interactive map of the human body to display data, anatomy, diseases and treatments on any web application or mobile device. 


The basement of the 'Amigos' building
31009 Pamplona

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