Precision nutrition

During the last years, the concept of “Personalised Nutrtition” has had an impact in the scientific community, and eventually seemed to be the “response” to all the obesity problems. Nevertheless, and even if the value of knowing nutrigenomic, nutrigenetic, epigenetic or metabolomics, is enormous, the reality is that obesity epidemics continues increasing… This said, it means that in addition to all the omic sciences, there is something more affecting our society to benefit those changes.

From that vision, a new concept of “Precision Nutrition” is born, and it aims at enlarging the meaning of Personalised Nutrition, focusing in other subjective and modifiable aspects of the individual: behavioural and psychological aspects, religious or cultural aspects, socioeconomic status, etc. All those factors can influence diet, daily stress and finally anthropometrical measures.

The main objective of this research line is to develop integrative tools for applying the results of other areas into precision nutrition.


Santiago Navas Carretero
Director of the Precision Nutrition Project

General contact:
C/ Irunlarrea, 1
31008 Pamplona

+34 948 425600