Programme Contracts

They are large-scale, medium to long term contracts with companies, intended to co-finance research by the centre that may be of interest to the company. The companies that enter into these programme contracts, depending on the conditions agreed, may jointly own some results and in all cases will be considered preferred customers and will have a right of first refusal on:

* the transfer of research results from the centre to their own R+D+I;

* the provision of services under contract (R+D, nutritional intervention services, etc);

* participation in TBCs (technology-based companies)/spin-offs that may be generated from both the results of the centre's own research and the results of the contract programme;

The centre currently has two programme contracts:

CINFA    Viscofán


Services for companies

They are specific R+D+I contracted projects, nutritional intervention services, evaluation, etc. Preference in services will be given to those companies with programme contracts. The current offer includes:

  1. Screening and characterization of the activity, as possible anti-obesity or anti-diabetes agents, of:

    • Pure bioactive molecules (drugs, nutraceuticals, cytokines, hormones, nutrients, etc.)

    • Extracts

    • New Foods,

In Models

  • In Vitro (cell lines of adipocytes, hepatocytes, myocytes, enterocytes or immune system cells)

  • In Vivo (C. elegans, animal models of obesity and/or diabetes, (dietetic and genetic)

  1. Design of genetic or multimarker tests (including biochemical, endocrine, microbiological or epigenetic markers) intended to identify individuals with greater susceptibility to metabolic diseases, prevention of such diseases, or development of a more personalized treatments (precision nutrition).

  2. Molecular (PCR, ELISA, WESTERN...) or metabolomic analysis of biomarkers of efficacy, intake or bioavailability of food, bioactive compounds or supplements.

  3. Advice for the design and formulation of new foods including bioactives.

  4. Nutritional intervention trials in humans.

  • Efficacy tests: functional foods, nutraceutical compounds or other dietary elements.

  • Dietary, satiety and sensory tests: effect of specific dishes or foods on satiety, appetite and sensory perception (attraction or repulsion).

  • Monitoring of intervention trials..

  1. Scientific advice in personalized nutrition.



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