About us

Conócenos - Centro de Investigación en Nutrición

The Center for Nutrition Research is a basic/applied research agency at the University of Navarra, attached to the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition and endowed with the appropriate autonomy to fulfil its objectives.

The centre's objective is to conduct scientific research aimed at the development of products and services, as well as training researchers in nutrition. To this end, it will:

· Carry out high-quality research into fields related to nutrition and health, specifically in connection to problems of obesity.

· Share the results of its research with industry, specifically the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as ensuring knowledge transfer from the centre's researchers to improve productivity and support the development of new food products.

· Provide nutrition-related services, dietetics, and food in general to the food industry.



C/ Irunlarrea, 1

31008 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 425600