The purpose of our center is to foster greater knowledge and understanding of the history of the founder, prelates, members and apostolic iniciatives of the Opus Dei. CEDEJ researchers are working on various aspects of that history – in particular, at the moment, on the historical context and expansion of Opus Dei in Spain between 1939 and 1956, as part of an ongoing research project entitled "The expansion of Opus Dei in Spain, Europe and America, 1939 - 1956".

In addition, to further awareness of the history of Opus Dei, the CEDEJ offers a number of bibliographic tools that enable document downloads: for example, the Josemaría Escrivá and Opus Dei Virtual Library, which contains texts drawn from St. Josemarías preaching and writings; some unpublished works, speeches or related texts, which have not yet appeared in any book or journal form; and an extensive archive of material relating to Opus Dei in the University of Navarra Library.

Virtual library

CEDEJ virtual library is the most complete bibliographical source about the figure of St. Josemaria and Opus Dei

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