Francisco Javier Pérez-Latre
Professor of the School of Communication, University of Navarra

Francisco J. Pérez-Latre, Ph. D., is Associate Professor of Advertising and Director of International Relations at the School of Communication of the University of Navarra. He is Master of Arts in Marketing Communications/Advertising, Emerson College, Boston (1993), and has served as Academic Director at the Institute of Media and Entertainment, New York. He has also been a member of the Board of the European Foundation for Commercial Communications Education (2009-2013).

He has written eight books, twenty six book chapters and sixty-six articles on media management, advertising and communication. In English, he is author of "The Paradoxes of Social Media: A Review of Theoretical Issues" in The Social Media Industries (Routledge, London/New York, 2013), "Advertising fragmentation: the beginning of a new paradigm?" in Handbook of Advertising (Routledge, London 2009) and Issues on Media and Entertainment (Media Market Monographs, Pamplona 2006). Some of his works have been published in international journals like the Journal of Media Business Studies, Journal of Spanish Language Media and The International Journal on Media Management. His research focuses currently on Media Management, Social Media and the human side of digital technology.


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