Research Rooms

Rooms intended primarily for teaching staff and researchers, doctoral students, master’s students and University employees. They are located on floors 1 to 5 of the Main Library and are accessible using a university ID card.

They house the Humanities and Social Sciences research collection.


Teaching staff, researchers, doctoral students, master’s students and University employees can access the rooms with their university ID card.

Teaching staff may use this form to request access for undergraduate students who need to carry out research support tasks.



Desks are allocated to individuals on a first-come, first-serve basis, from January to December of the academic year. They should be requested at the information desk or by email.

There are 600 desks in total, 118 of which are available for use by all.


There are 100 lockers designated for use by doctoral and master’s students, distributed on floors 1 to 5. These should be requested in person from the information desk and are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis for three-month periods.



The collection of books and journals available for direct access is located in the center of each floor and distributed according to the classification system. Books taken to desks must first be checked out at a self-checkout machine.


Borrowing books

Items may be checked out at the loan counter or at a self-checkout machine using an university ID card. Find out how many items you may borrow and for how long.


Returning books

Books that are borrowed must be returned to one of the return boxes or to the information desk.


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