• How do I log in and/or register for the Service?

    • Click on the Requests link..

    Before entering the request form, a login window will appear where you must enter your username and password.

    Pantalla de identificación de la Universidad de Navarra

    • If your account has already been created in our system, the following screen will appear:

    Registro de usuario en Préstamo interbibliotecario

    From this screen, you can verify and complete your information, request a document and check the status of your requests.

    • If, upon entering your username and password, you receive the following message:

    Pantalla de usuario no encontrado o validado

    You must register as a user of this service by clicking on "register". Use your University email address.

    Formulario de alta de usuario en préstamo interbibliotecario

    Fill out this form and you will soon receive an email at the address provided indicating that you have been registered for the service.

    If you have any problems, go to the Interlibrary Loan service.

  • How do I request a document?

    Once you have logged in, you must click on "Request a document":

    Realizar petición de documento

    You must complete a form for each article or document being requested. If you want two articles from the same journal, you must complete a form for each article.

    Formulario de petición de documento

    When the requested document arrives at the library, you will receive an email notification.

  • What kind of documents can be requested?

    Monographs on loan, photocopies of journal articles or book chapters, reproductions of early printed books in the format deemed appropriate by the providing library, doctoral dissertations.

    In the case of dissertations, each center has its own policy. You can request it and the Service will ask if it is possible for them to send it to us.

  • How many days will it take to get the documents?

    It depends on the providing library. Articles take 24 to 72 hours if they are coming from Spanish libraries. Books take 2 to 15 days.

  • How can I check the status of my requests?

    You can view the status of your requests by logging in and clicking on "View the status of your requests." The requests you have made will appear and you can click on the title for more information related to the request.

    This is not an immediate process; requests are reviewed in the Service prior to being added, so you may not see this information if the request is recent.

  • How much will it cost me?

    The cost of Interlibrary Loans varies depending on the providing library. For your information, see the fees. 

    The Library Service assumes the cost provided that the amount does not exceed €25. In that case, the user or his or her department is responsible. A delivery note will be sent, which must be submitted to Interlibrary Loans signed and with the account code of the department to be charged.

    If the amount is more than €25, the user will be alerted to assess their interest.


  • Can I receive a scanned article instead of a photocopy?

    The vast majority of articles arrive in PDF format and very few on paper. In some cases, the providing library requires that the user be given a printed copy and the file be deleted to comply with the signed license agreements. The Library follows the instructions of the providing library.

  • Can I take the books I receive through an Interlibrary Loan out of the Library?

    Most centers allow their documents to be taken out, but others do not. For this reason, users are requested to respect the conditions of use indicated upon delivery of the document.

  • Can I renew an Interlibrary Loan book?

    The different libraries usually send books for a sufficient period of time, but if you need to extend the loan period, you must go to the Interlibrary Loan Service before the loan period ends to request that the lending center extends it.

  • Where do I pick up the documents that are received?

    Documents are picked up at the Interlibrary Loan office. Articles received in PDF format are forwarded electronically to the user. Similarly, Interlibrary loan books, once viewed, are returned to the office itself.

    At the Main Library, it is located in seminar room 1D (1st floor).

    At the Science Library, it is located in the library personnel offices area.