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Special Collections

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The Special collection of manuscripts is made of up of bequests and donations of family files, including those of Cebrián Mezquita, Navarro Villoslada, Ponce de León and Suárez Verdeguer.
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Printed Works
The Special Collections Room houses an impressive collection of printed works from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Additionally, it holds interesting paper volumes from 1801 to 1835.
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Notable within the print collection are the varied collections of wonderful pieces donated by Professor Francisco Íñiguez Almech and Professor Luis Moya Blanco. Large-format books of architecture, archeology, drawing, etching, travel, etc., feature most prominently in these collections
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The library holds several one-of-a-kind editions, including 74 different incunabula, seven of which cannot be found in any other Spanish library.

Rare Collections

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Unique Works
This section of the Special Collection room houses works that possess unique characteristics, such as autographs, notes by prominent individuals and special bindings.
  •  Rare and Valuable (RYV)

  • University of Navarra Collection (Fondo UN)

  • Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer Collection (FBJE)

  • Large Size Collection (GTA)

  • Small Size Collection (PTA)

Reference works

  • Catalogues of incunabula, booksellers...

  • Inventories of manuscripts, incunabula...

  • Indexes of printers, booksellers, emblems, bookplates, printers' trademarks...

Opening Hours

Special Collections Room

University of Navarre. Main Library, Seminar 4 D.
31009 Pamplona

948 425 600 (Ext. 802488)