Library donations

The University of Navarra welcomes book and journal donations, which have helped enrich its bibliographic heritage since the very beginning. Below are some guidelines and criteria that may be helpful.

  • What kind of donations is the Library especially interested in?

    • Special collections (prior to 1835).

    • Private libraries of university professors, bibliophiles and, in general, libraries on specific subjects, even if the collections are not very extensive.

    • Journal collections; to the extent possible, please indicate the titles and approximate range of years they include, as well as whether or not they are bound. Please note that the Library does not accept printed issues of journals to which it has permanent access in electronic format.

    • Historical archives or those belonging to prominent figures in recent history.

  • What kind of donations is the Library not interested in?

    • We are generally not interested in books on the experimental sciences prior to the year 2000, except those that are especially valuable due to their inscription, author or other circumstances. We are, however, interested in antique science books.

    • Books in poor condition (worn binding, underlining, annotations, etc.) unless they are antique or especially valuable.

    • The Library reserves the right to decide which books will be added to its collections.

  • What steps must be taken to make a donation?

    1. Use the Library Catalogue to check whether it already has the items you wish to donate:

    • If you have a small number of books, you can consult the Library's  Catalogue directly. The Library is not interested in books it already has copies of, unless it determines that the copies are particularly valuable or they belong to an extensive donation it wishes to preserve in its entirety. 

    • As for journal collections, which generally consist of few titles and many issues or volumes, you can also search for the titles in the Library Catalogue, or send a brief list of the title of the journal or journals and the approximate years you wish to donate.

    2. Contact the Library.

    • Before sending a book donation, or if you are aware of a possible donation, please contact Lina Alemán de la Cámara (Library Donation and Exchange Coordinator) at or (+34) 948 425 600, ext. 2390-2400.

    • To the extent possible, we would appreciate a brief description of the content of the donation (approximate number of books, subject areas it covers, approximate dates of publication, condition of the materials, etc.).

    3. Send the donation to the following address:

    Víctor Sanz Santacruz
    Edificio Nuevo de Bibliotecas
    Universidad de Navarra
    Apdo. 177
    31080 - Pamplona

  • What is done with books that are not added to the Library's collections?

    Books and journals that are not added to the Library's collections, due to it already having a sufficient number of copies, are made available to institutions that want them: NGOs, other universities, etc.

    In the last six years, the Library has donated over 70,000 items to countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.









    Donations added








    Items donated to other institutions









    The list of these books, which is updated regularly, can be requested from Lina Alemán de la Cámara or (+34) 948 425 600, ext. 2561-2400.



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