All items can be borrowed except journals, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias and books of special value that bear the label "Excluido de préstamo" and whose status appears in the catalogue as "Usar en sala".

Exceptionally, and in very specific cases, non-circulating items can be borrowed for a day.

Library patrons must:

  • Return items to the proper shelf after using them.

  • Observe silence in the room and the entrance areas.

  • Treat library materials with special care.

They may not:

  • Place personal effects on the floor or on tables.
    Mesas biblioteca de la Clínica

  • Set up desktop computers at the tables.

  • Keep journals at the table longer than absolutely necessary.

  • Underline or make notes in books, even in pencil.

  • Smoking.

  • Consume any kind of food or drink.

  • Talk on their mobile phone.

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